Dear Customer,

As you may or may not know, owning your own business is not always a piece of cake. It usually involves more time, energy and dedication than working for someone else. It’s very rewarding and gives you personal satisfaction.

We would love to have you as a team member if you’re up for it; if you are ready to make it happen. If you have space and network of people in your neighbourhood – Gated Communities, Apartments, Offices, IT parks and would like to take safe food to them on regular basis. Kindly get in touch with us to setup a safe food market at your place. This would be all chemical free, safe food being vended at your place at regular intervals.

We don’t want to be thought of as someone who only sells ‘franchises’. That isn’t our intention. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme and we are not doing this just for the money. We asked ourselves “What would we want in a franchise?” And that’s exactly what we have structured. We don’t want to pressure you, rush you or to push you into anything which may not be right for your situation.

After you read this information, you’ll probably have questions. You can call us at 90427 44440 or mail in the enclosed to find out firsthand what we are all about. If you are not ready yet, that’s ok. We still want you as a happy customer.

Thank you for your interest. After all, we built this company on ‘word of mouth’.