Barnyard Millet – 1 Kg



Barnyard millet is a good source of protein, which is highly digestible and is an excellent source of dietary fiber with good amount of soluble and insoluble fractions. The carbohydrate content of barnyard millet is low and slowly digestible, which makes the barnyard millet a nature’s gift for the modern mankind who is engaged in sedentary activities. In it millet the major fatty acid is linoleic acid followed by palmitic and oleic acid. It also shows a high degree of retro gradation of amylase, which facilitates the formation of higher amounts of resistant starches. Hence it can be potentially recommended for the patients with cardiovascular disease and diabetes mellitus. Barnyard millet is most effective in reducing blood glucose and lipid levels. In today’s scenario of increased diabetes mellitus, this millet could become an ideal food. It is also an appropriate food for patients intolerant to gluten which causes celiac disease.

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