Coconut Nectar Syrup | Neera Honey | Vegan Honey – 200 gm


Neera Honey is made by boiling raw coconut sap also called coconut nectar is heated in 
large, shallow, round-bottom vessels to remove the moisture in it. The juice is stirred at 
intervals to facilitate mixing and rapid evaporation. When the juice thickens, 
the fire is judiciously controlled in order to prevent it from caramelizing. 
At right consistency, the syrup is cooled and packed.

Just drizzle a spoon of Neera honey on your favourite ice creams, salads, pancakes to relish 
the goodness of natural sweetener. Replace regular sugar in your smoothies and juices to make 
it more healthy.

A highly preferred Vegan sweetener which could be used in preparing a wide variety of vegan sweets 
and desserts.
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