Coconut Oil | Unfiltered | Sulphur Free – 1 L


Sulphur free coconuts | Wood press

Tall tree breed coconuts are used for extracting coconut oil

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A few coconut oil manufacturers claim that their oil is “SULPHUR FREE”, the reason being most of the commercial store bought coconut oils are extracted from copra which contains Sulphur. The dried coconut, copra is the main source of coconut oil. Naturally it contains 70% of moisture content and it is dried to about 7% for production of coconut oil. The sulphur is added as preservative which acts as anti-microbial agent for preventing bacteria, fungus etc. Sulphur is a toxic food preservative which restricts lung performance and leads to direct allergenic reactions. The survey of World Health Organisation says that 65% of asthmatic children are sensitive to sulphur and 75% of children exposed to sulphur exhibits changes in their behaviour.


Refined coconut oil is “dry milled or hot processed,” meaning the coconuts have been baked prior to the oil being extracted. Then the oil is “bleached” to kill off microbes and remove any dust particles. Bleaching doesn’t involve a household cleaner, but rather a process by which the oil is passed through bleaching clay for filtration. Unrefined coconut oil undergoes a process called “wet milling or cold process.” Oil is extracted from fresh coconuts, spun down in a centrifuge or pressed using stainless steel or wood and undergoes no bleaching. This makes unrefined the least processed form of coconut oil available. With less refinement, you get a bigger coconut flavor. Plus, you also receive more nutrients.  We at source coconuts from NPOP certified organic farms and the coconuts are sun dried to remove the moisture content and copra will be pressed. Our oil is unrefined, unfiltered produced using cold, wood press method.


High smoke point suitable for cooking and baking. Adds exotic flavour to your dishes. Ancient beauty secret, can be used as moisturizer, conditioner, makeup remover, lip balm, massage oil, carrier oil, night cream One of the super foods because of its unique combination of fatty acids. Ideal for oil pulling. Best for Keto | Paleo

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