EM Solution | Effective Microorganisms | Activated – 500 ml

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Effective Microorganisms Benefits:

Increases beneficial microorganisms

Suppresses harmful microbes

Promote plant life

Restore water quality

Effective to make quality compost using food waste

Reduces sludge and controls disease in aquarium

Bio activate septic tank systems

Removes odour

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What is EM (Effective Microorganisms)?

EM – A microbial solution to save the Earth

It is known that microorganism exist everywhere on earth and humans are living in an ocean of them. Microorganisms are living organisms that exist at the bottom of the ecological pyramid. When the number and variety of microorganisms increase, the whole ecosystem is enriched. EM is created by combining specific microorganisms which work together synergistically such as lactic acid bacteria, yeast and phototrophic bacteria.


Dilute required amount of EM concentrate in water in the ratio 1:10. The diluted EM solution can be stored in a glass or plastic bottle / sprayer and can be used for maximum 5 days. Avoid diluting in chlorinated water. Store in a cool dry place.

EM solution can be used for spraying on plants and seed germination. It is also good to use to remove odours in the kitchen, toilet and bathroom. EM solution can be sprayed on farms to compost the organic waste.

EM is chemical free so you can use them abundantly and safely for your family and pets. At the same time, you can contribute to help the natural environment when applying EM, for instance, by pouring EM in your drain ditch or toilet. Waste water is not always just a pollutant; it can carry microbes beneficial to the ecosystem.


Use it to clean up your house by spraying and wiping the floor in every corner of your kitchen and bathrooms. This will promote the activities of good microbes and reduce static electricity that increases the accumulation of dust. You can also freshen the air in your rooms by using EM in your house to eliminate bad odours. EM can be sprayed on Air Conditioner vent to exterminate harmful bacteria.

Washing Clothes:

Adding EM into your washing will ease the removal of dirt and sebum from clothes. Further, you will not need to use fabric softeners since clothes will become naturally softer and smoother. Meanwhile, discharging waste water that contains good microbes will promote the natural purification power of nature.

Kitchen Waste Recycling:

Kitchen waste can be recycled using EM. With the help of a decomposer bin, you can reduce your daily waste while producing organic fertilizer full of nutrients. Properly used, EM can prevent the organic waste from becoming rotten, thereby eliminating foul odours.

  • Add food waste to a decomposer bin

  • Spray Diluted EM solution

  • Close the lid

  • Repeat the process until the bin is full. Keep aside for 15 days.

  • Collect the liquid fertilizer collected at the bottom of the bin every 5 days.

  • Add the fermented food waste to a pot with layers of soil or compost and leave for 3 weeks. Your compost will be ready.


Fertilizers made from kitchen waste fermented with EM can be used in your gardens to enrich soils with nutrients and beneficial microbes that will work in concert with the natural microbes existing in garden soil. Plants will grow in a healthy way, resistant against pests and free of chemicals. Thus, garden produce will be safer for consumption.


As they are 100% natural and safe, EM can also be used for your pets. Spraying EM or using it to bathe your dog or cat will reduce the use of chemical products and help to stimulate and balance beneficial microorganisms in their bodies. Their hair will also be softer.

Adults and Babies:

You can use EM for washing babies’ cups or plates and even their toys. Children and elderly persons will be kept safe and comfortable in an environment free of foul smells and full of beneficial microbes that will help to control sanitation problems as well.

Organic Farming:

Fertile soil and biodiversity is important for organic farming. However, normally, sophisticated technology and a long period of time is needed to establish a productive organic farm. By actively using beneficial microorganisms, EM speeds up this process, makes organic farming easier, and also helps to improve the yield and quality of produce.


Diluted EM solution stored in an airtight container can be used within 10 days.

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