Venda Velichenna | VCO Hot Process | Vegan Coconut Ghee – 300 ml


Venda velichenna oil for Babies Cures nappy rashes Perfect body lotion Ideal massage oil Used in ayurvedic medicine.

Strengthens teeth and gums Superior for oil pulling oral consumption of this oil helps in internal cleansing.

An excellent immune system builder.

Use it for hair conditioning and whole body massaging.

Enhances your smoothies with beneficial Medium Chain Triglycerides

This is an age old health and beauty care product preserving all the essential nutrients of coconut and it is considered as pure as mother’s milk, prepared by heating the milk of matured coconuts.

Venda velichenna is prepared by extracting milk from matured coconuts and heating it in a Kerala brass vessel Uruli for nearly 7 to 8 hours.

The coconut milk is heated for nearly 7 to 8 hours until the moisture is completely removed and oil separates leaving the residue.

The entire process of making this coconut oil is handmade ONLY.

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