Virgin Coconut Oil | Extracted From Coconut Milk – 500 ml – 1 L – 3 L


Virgin Coconut Oil Extracted from coconut milk | Cold Processed | Contains lauric acid  | Helps to balance hormones naturally  | Increases estrogen levels | Helps in controlling hypothyroidism | Nourishes skin and hair naturally | Heals cuts and wounds | Removes stretch marks | Adds exotic flavour to your dishes | Improves digestion Relieves Constipation | Great body oil for newborns as well as adults


For many, coconut oil may not be foreign, but virgin coconut might sound a bit unfamiliar.

So what exactly this thing? Let’s take a look at the facts:


While enhancing natural beauty and providing the body with the utmost care it needs, nature cannot be compromised. Aligning with this notion, the VCO preserves the virtues of the coconut milk. Cold-processed technology, as the name suggests, exterminates the need of heating elements in the coconut milk extraction process and ensures its natural goodness remains intact.

Cold Processed Virgin Coconut Oil Cold Processed (not cold pressed) Virgin Coconut Oil FACTS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT VIRGIN COCONUT OIL

1. Method of Extraction VCO is extracted from the fresh milk of coconut using cold processed and is left un-refined. In this case, the coconuts are shredded, and coconut milk is obtained after crushing the coconut meat. The coconut milk is further processed in centrifuge machine to retain the coconut oil in its purest form. Owing to its high spinning speed, the milk is further separated into water and oil. This oil obtained is called the Extra VCO.

2.Good Fat The VCO is rich in medium-chain fatty acids, has good cholesterol and almost negligible amounts of trans fatty acids.

3.Appearance VCO is clear compared to normal coconut oil. Also, the VCO is non-greasy and is lighter in viscosity. Skin absorbs VCO immediately into it and ensures effective moisturization and nutrition.

4.Purity VCO has better aroma and taste as it is extracted from fresh coconut milk. Also, it is not refined, and hence all the natural goodness of the coconut is being preserved, including the high content of vitamin E and several other minerals. VCO boasts a luscious, tropical coconut scent and flavor.

5. Health Benefits When it comes to health, ditching all chemicals is the best option. The cold-processed VCO has a greater antioxidant punch, and stronger coconut taste as fresh coconut milk is used during the formation, and no heat is allowed to intervene. The oil is good for the heart as it helps in sustaining the cholesterol levels and helps in maintaining hygiene to prevent rashes, allergies, fungal infections, etc. Boost your good cholesterol and fight back against heart diseases, blood sugar, and blood pressure issues.

6. The ‘Bonus Factor’ The shelf life of VCO is greater than any other oil. So whenever you wish, it will be ready for you to use. Forget the issues of the oil getting spoilt!

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